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Surf’s Up – an event with Matt Majendie & the winner of the Booker International Prize 2023

Dear Readers,

On Tuesday night the winner of the Booker International Prize 2023 was announced – congratulations to Georgie Gospodinov & Angela Rodel, author and translator of Time Shelter. Inevitably, all our copies have immediately been snapped up but more are on the way soon once the publisher has reprinted. Place an order via our website to reserve your copy as soon as we receive stock.

We read Time Shelter for the first meeting of our new Translated Literature book club & it was a thoroughly facinating conversation about a complicated and enjoyable book. It was not the book I expected it to be – in fact throughout its 300 pages it repeatedly defied my expectations about the kind of story I thought I was reading. The book’s central obessions (and they really are obsessions) are time, nostalgia & forgetting – those most slippery of subjects. Gospodinov works across different registers, at points progressing the narrative or using one of the various rich set pieces to play out curious events, and at points it becomes a tapestry of musings while the characters and any sense of narrative simply fall away. It’s a thoroughly engrossing, challenging & enjoyable read and it comes highly recommended.