Book Subscriptions

Unwrap a new book, carefully selected by us, every month

Our book subscription is a wonderful way to push the boundaries of your reading habits.
Each month we’ll select a brilliant book – one we love, can’t stop thinking about, and believe deserves to be widely read. It will be wrapped and delivered to your door (or you can choose to collect from the shop if you prefer) so you can have the joy of unwrapping it – like a book‑birthday every month!

You can purchase one of our subscriptions for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. You can choose from 3, 6 or 12 months of amazing books.

Our first selection will ready for collection on Saturday 3rd June, and postal subscriptions will go out early the following week.

We are also offering a little temptation for anyone who would like to purchase a subscription in time to receive our June book selection. We’ll put the names of everyone who subscribes between now and May 25th into a hat and draw one winner. That lucky soul will have the length of their subscription doubled.

What kind of books will be chosen?

We really want to introduce readers to new books & new writers, so expect titles from some of our favourite small presses, books in translation, & exciting debuts. We probably won’t be choosing the big prize winners, or books from authors already well known in this country. There are some examples below of the kinds of books we would have chosen over the last few years.

Which genre will the books be?

For the moment we are only offering fiction, but in the future we may well branch out and offer a non-fiction option too.

Is this subscription tailored to each recipient?

In short, no, we will choose one book every month that we absolutely love, for all our subscribers to receive. However, if you would ever like us to recommend a book (or three books, six books, twelve books etc…!) for you or as a gift for someone you are immensely welcome to get in touch, either in the shop or via our recommendation form here.

What happens if I already have, or have read, the book chosen?

We will happily swap it for you for a book up to the value of the one chosen.

When will my subscription start & when will I receive my books?

Subscriptions purchased on or before the 25th of the month will begin with the book chosen the following month. Purchases made after the 25th will begin the month after that. We’ll drop you an email when your subscription is purchased, which will confirm the first month you will receive a book. We’ll aim to have books ready for posting / collecting in the first week of each month.
Our first selection will ready for collection on Saturday 3rd June, and postal subscriptions will go out early the following week.

Example Subscription choices

Below is a small selection of our favourite books published since the shop opened. These are a good indication of the kinds of books we might be choosing for our subscribers.