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A hugely exciting last-minute event addition & a round up of the rest of our talks this month

Dear Readers,

Earlier this week we received the immensely welcome news that Chilean novelist Alejandro Zambra would be in Bristol this month and would be available for an event. Not only that, but Megan McDowell, who brilliantly translated The Private Lives of Trees as well as a number of Zambra’s other books, would be with him and would also be available. When we finally regained control of ourselves we immediately said we would be over the moon to host the two of them in conversation – in the shop on Monday 12th June, at 7pm. Tickets & more info are available here.


Earlier this year I wrote about The Private Lives of Trees which was then, and remains now, one of the best things I’ve read so far this year (and beyond). At the time I said it is ‘an absolutely brilliant novella about how our lives become intertwined with stories. It is richly imagined, inventive, and at the same time utterly human. It’s not an easy balance to strike, but it does it beautifully.’ I’m very much looking forward to re-reading this wonderful book, as well as deep diving further into Zambraland.

It is a very wonderful thing to have a talk featuring both author and translator – it allows for so much interesting exploration of the book, as well as the writing, translating & publishing processes. We’re enormously excited! Availability is limited for this one & tickets will go quickly so do please snap your place up quickly if you are interested.