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Book Club, Book Subscriptions & a Book Launch

Dear Readers,

We write with some exciting new developments for the shop…

Book Club

After having threatened to do so for far too long, we are at last starting a translated literature book club!

Each month we’ll meet in the shop to discuss a book that has been translated into English. Mostly these will be novels, but we’ll mix it up occasionally with short stories or non-fiction. These meetings won’t be ticketed, but you’ll need to buy the book from us in order to attend.

We’re going to start with a list of 12 people and see how we get on (we’ll also keep a waiting list for anyone who doesn’t initially make it into that 12). We don’t expect everyone to make every single meeting, but it would be lovely to have a regular crew, so please only sign up if you think you’ll be able to make the majority of meetings.

The first meeting will be on Thursday 18th May, from 6.15–7.30 in the bookshop. Future meetings will be once a month, on Thursdays, at the same time.


We’re going to start with Time Shelter by Georgi Gospodinov, translated from Bulgarian by Angela Rodel. Time Shelter is on the shortlist for the Booker International Prize 2023, and Olga Tokarczuk says it’s ‘The most exquisite kind of literature’ which isn’t a bad endorsement! For future meetings we (Gloucester Road Books) will choose a shortlist of titles and put them to the group for a vote, with the winner being read for next month’s meeting.

If you would like to join, or would like more info, drop us an email at