The Earthspinner


Moving its protagonists between India and Britain, The Earthspinner shows the many ways in which the East encounters the West, fanaticism wars tirelessly against reason, and the individual’s creative desires struggle against a populace’s basic instinct for destruction.

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Page count : 224
Published on 26th May, 2022


‘A writer of great subtlety and intelligence, who understands that emotional power comes from the steady accretion of detail’ Kamila Shamsie, Guardian

‘She writes elegantly and intelligently whatever the subject matter’ Francesca Angelini, The Times

‘A compulsively readable novel’ Manil Suri, New York Times

‘A horse was in flames. It roamed beneath the ocean breathing fire . . . ‘

When he wakes up, Elango knows his life has changed. His dream will consume him until he gives it shape. The potter must create a terracotta horse whose beauty will be reason enough for its existence. Yet he cannot pin down from where it has galloped into his mind – the Mahabharata, or Trojan legend, or his anonymous potter-ancestors. Nor can he say where it belongs – in a temple compound, within a hotel lobby, or with Zohra, whom he despairs of ever marrying.

The astral, indefinable force driving Elango towards forbidden love and creation has unleashed other currents. A neighbourhood girl begins her bewildering journey into adulthood, developing a complicated relationship with him. A lost dog adopts him, taking over his heart. Meanwhile, his community is driven by inflammatory passions of a different kind. Here, people, animals, and even the gods live on a knife’s edge and the consequences of daring to dream against the tide are cataclysmic.

Moving between India and England, The Earthspinner reflects the many ways in which the East encounters the West. It breathes new life into ancient myths, giving allegorical shape to the war of fanaticism against reason and the imagination.

An intricate, wrenching novel about the changed ways of loving and living in the modern world.

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