Restless Coffins


It’s 1967 in St Paul’s, Bristol, and life is tough for JT Ellington, ex-cop and reluctant private eye. He’s still trading in favours, helping those wary of the police or keen to stay one step ahead of the law. But when news arrives of a tragedy that’s unfolded thousands of miles away, JT’s life gets even tougher. He needs to journey home to the Caribbean to pay his final respects – but first he must travel to New York, where his cousin Vic is boss of a criminal empire. On Harlem’s mean streets, JT is fast entangled with Evangeline – a smooth as velvet Black Panther – along with Pigfoot, a Bajan too flash with his knife. As the underworld draws him in, JT discovers the extent of Vic’s criminal activities – a web of violence that stretches to Barbados and back, and connects him to the deaths of JT’s beloved wife and daughter.

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Published on 30th June, 2022


‘Brother, a dead body can’t run from a coffin, but their spirit sure as hell can try.’Life is tough for JT Ellington. As an ex-cop he isn’t exactly built for the job of morally corrupt private eye. But it’s 1967 in St Paul’s, Bristol, and he doesn’t have a choice. He’s still trading in favours, helping those wary of the police. And as the cousin of Vic, Harlem’s newest crime lord, JT’s business is booming.As he travels to New York and becomes entangled with the seedy underworld, tragedy unfolds thousands of miles away in Barbados, and JT discovers his cousin’s activities stretch all the way back to his hometown – a web of violence that catches his own wife and daughters’ tragic deaths in its wake. Forced to journey home to the Caribbean and embroiled in a world of drugs and corruption, can JT untangle a dark history on the island of his birth?’Great “Windrush Noir”. Keep them coming.’DERMOT O’LEARY’Intense, emotive, shocking and oozing atmosphere and character, Restless Coffins really captured the times and emotions beautifully!’CRIME BOOK JUNKIE

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