One Year’s Time


It’s New Year’s Day and Liza is painting her floor. Walter, who she met at the party the night before, arrives unexpectedly, and they immediately start a sexual relationship, dividing their nights between his flat and hers. The relationship contnues through the course of the year, with the couple even posing as a married couple at one point. But Liza is frustrated by Walter’s lack of commitment, finding herself continually compromising her dreams and her work to fit in with Walter’s ambitions, and increasingly questioning why she bends her personality in an effort to convince him she’d make the perfect wife. As the year draws to a close, she decides to take control.

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SKU: 9780712354578 Category: Tag: Publisher/imprint : British Library Publishing
Page count : 256
Published on 20th July, 2023

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Dimensions 19 × 13 cm