Paul needs drugs for the party, but he also needs to take care of Josie. Josie needs a father figure. That’s what Neil thinks, anyway. And that’s all he wants to be to her, right? Annie needs to lose her virginity, so her friends have set her up with Paul.Pascale isn’t an overprotective mother. But it’s hard not to wonder at the the things people say about Becky. Becky needs to go to a real party and meet some real men, and she’s not bringing Claire.Jen needs to wait for the ambulance. Then they can be the ones to take care of Kat. Claire needs to give Nikki the hen do of a lifetime. And she needs to talk to Becky about what she’s found out. But she can’t stop thinking about what’s happened to Kat.

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Published on 2nd June, 2022


‘Wonderful, vivid, bittersweet’ Sara Baume, author of Spill Simmer Falter Wither

‘Gritty, dark and joyful’ Michelle Gallen, author of Big Girl, Small Town

‘Riotously human and authentic’ Niamh Campbell, author of This Happy

‘Elegant, gritty, funny and unflinching’ Luiza Sauma, author of Everything You Ever Wanted

needs to lose her virginity, so she’s waiting in a car park for Paul.

Paul needs drugs for the party, but he’s got to keep an eye on his sister, Josie.

Josie needs a father figure. Or that’s how it seems to her driving instructor, Neil.

Eva needs to get away from the island. She could do without bumping into the school bully, Kat.

Claire needs to drink herself into the mood for the hen do. But she’s been betrayed by her childhood friend, Becky. And she can’t stop thinking about what’s happened to her sister, Kat

Set on the island of Guernsey over a period of twenty years, these closely linked stories reveal the desires, friendships, betrayals, regrets and heartaches of twelve intertwined people. Against a backdrop of picturesque cliffs and beaches, grimy clubs and pubs and chip shops, their stumbling attempts to connect with each other are depicted with wrenching pathos, wry humour and moving empathy.

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