Catch a Cloud


Have you ever watched a cloud and wondered where it’s going, or wanted to catch it? In this beautiful quirky picture book, full of poetry and action, a little boy challenges the elements and almost comes a cropper!

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SKU: 9780571340583 Category: Tags: , , Publisher/imprint : Faber & Faber
Page count : 32 unnumbered
Published on 4th August, 2022


I spy a cloud go floating by
Where do you go, Cloud, so high?

To the sea
She sings
Where the wild gulls fly
Then catch me if you can
I cry
We race each other to the sea
Can”t catch me, Cloud
Can’t catch me

A boy and a dog follow a cloud out to sea, but as the weather worsens he relies on the whales and waves to bear him home.

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